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Gold Coast Conveyancing & Real Estate. Affinity Conveyancing Lawyers hold a wealth of experience in property transactions. Our experienced and friendly team of Solicitors have assisted thousands of Gold Coast residents, and others not fortunate enough to live on the Gold Coast, through their conveyance.

In general terms, "conveyancing" is the process of transferring ownership of a property from one person to another pursuant to the laws and procedures required to facilitate the transaction. It is crucial when entering into or dealing with a property transaction that sellers and purchasers keep in mind that they are entering into binding contracts that have stringent obligations, with strict timelines. Our legal team is able to navigate clients through this process with timely and professional advice.

Our upfront fees, plain English explanations, and attention to detail makes our firm the first choice for many Queensland residents and business owners. We are able to assist and provide advice on a whole range of property transactions from standard residential, land, unit or housing conveyancing, to Body Corporate management purchases or sales, put and call options, assignments, and the sale of large commercial properties/businesses to name a few.

Our team is also able to assist with a range of ancillary issues that surround a conveyance such as Land Tax, Stamp Duty, Insurance, Building and Pest, Council Penalty Notices and Regulations, Mortgages, Guarantees and Caveats.

For further information, or to speak with one of our friendly staff please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 5563 8970.

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