Commercial Property


Buying or selling commercial real estate often demands a more complex legal process than required for residential conveyancing, (but we are still able to provide fixed fees in most cases). Affinity Conveyancing Lawyers are able to carefully guide you through the steps necessary to enable a satisfactory conclusion to this process.

The first step is to ensure that the terms of the contract adequately cater for your expectations. In this respect, it is essential that you consult a one of our Solicitors prior to undertaking a commercial conveyance (if you have already signed a contract it is often not too late, but you will need to move quickly to protect your commercial endeavour and legal rights). Issues that you need to turn your mind to that need to be dealt with in the drafting of the contract extend beyond purchase price and settlement date For instance our Affinity business and commercial lawyers handle a range of legal matters, including:

  • Tax effective business structures
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Advice on legislative requirements, including corporate structure, governance and compliance
  • Shareholder agreements and buy/sell agreements
  • Franchising for new products, services and ideas
  • License and commercialise intellectual property
  • Protection of confidential information
  • Management buy-outs
  • Drafting a wide range of commercial agreements, from joint ventures and partnerships, to guarantees and security documents, to supplier terms and conditions and distribution agreements.


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